Caregiver Certificate Verification

April 30, 2019

The following providers offered Caregiver training programs prior to August 2, 2013. To verify a caregiver certificate that was issued prior to August 2, 2013 type the name of the program or the program number in the search bar below. When typing in the training program number omit the zeros found in front of the number on the certificate. 

If you do not find the program you are looking for then we are not able to verify the dates the program was approved. 

The NCIA Board can only verify that the training programs were approved during the dates that are listed. We cannot verify that a person took the training. Best practice would be to do a work, residence and fingerprint history on the person listed back to the time the certificate was issued to reconcile that the person took the training.

If you are applying for a Manager’s Certificate the Board only accepts caregiver certificates issued after August 2, 2013.

Verification of training certificate after August 2, 2013 can be checked at the following website:

Caregiver Certification
Start Date 2001-06-15
Expiration Date 2011-02-28
AZ Assisted Living Caregivers and Manager Training Program
Start Date 2009-05-11
Expiration Date 2012-07-31
Complete Assisted Living Training Program
Start Date 1998-10-15
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Lura Tuner Homes, Inc
Start Date 1998-10-22
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Foundation for Senior Living A.L. Training Program
Start Date 1998-12-16
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Personalized Training
Start Date 1999-02-04
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Care Search Training
Start Date 1999-02-10
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Copper Heights Training Program
Start Date 1999-02-26
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Assisted Living Facility Training Program
Start Date 1999-07-20
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Heritage Health Care
Start Date 1999-08-03
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Liann's Homes Assisted Living Training Program
Start Date 1999-08-06
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Banner Caregiver Training Program for Alzheimer's
Start Date 1999-08-19
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Huger Center Assisted Living Training Program
Start Date 1999-08-27
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Red Mountain Senior Care Classes
Start Date 1999-09-23
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
SDL Enterprises Assisted Living Trainers
Start Date 2003-04-29
Expiration Date 2013-04-30
The Caring Caregivers for Assisted Living
Start Date 1999-12-07
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Prestige Senior Living Training Program
Start Date 2000-01-27
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Barton House Training Program
Start Date 2000-01-27
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Northland Hospice Caregiver Certification Training Program
Start Date 2000-02-16
Expiration Date 2013-08-02
Beehive Homes Training
Start Date 2000-05-05
Expiration Date 2013-08-02